December 14, 2017

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[GATE NOTES] Geotechnical Engineering GATE, IES, Govt Exams – Handwritten Notes – Free Download PDF

GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING GATE, IES, GOVT EXAMS – ACE ACADEMY HANDWRITTEN NOTES FREE DOWNLOAD PDF Origin of soils : Soil is a naturally occurring unconsolidated earth material present above the bed rock. Karl Terzaghi is known as father of soil mechanics. Origin of soils is due to the following : 1. Weathering of rocks (disintegration inorganic […]

[IS CODE BOOK] Soil and Foundation Engineering Indian Standard Code Books Free Download PDF

SOIL AND FOUNDATION ENGINEERING INDIAN STANDARD CODE BOOKS FREE DOWNLOAD PDF     IS 1080 1985 Code of Practice For Design And Construction Of Shallow Foundations In Soils (Other Than Raft, Ring And Shell) CLICK HERE IS 1498 1970 Classification and identification of soils for general engineering purposes CLICK HERE IS 1888 1982 Method of […]

[GATE MATERIAL] IES MASTER Soil Mechanics Study Material for GATE PSU IES GOVT EXAMS Free Download PDF

IES MASTER GATE MATERIAL SOIL MECHANICS GATE – PSU – IES – GOVT EXAMS – STUDY MATERIAL FREE DOWNLOAD PDF CONTENTS Origin of soil and Soil water Relationship Classification of Soil Clay Mineral And Soil Structure Soil Compaction Effective Stress, Capillarity and Permeability Seepage through Soil Vertical Stresses Compressibility and Consolidation Shear Strength of Soil […]

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